Sunday, January 12, 2014


I developed these characters because I have always loved fairies and other mystical creatures similar to fairies. The fairies that I drew are sisters. One is the good, loving fairy and the other is the bad, hateful fairy. In my story they interact because the bad fairy casts a spell on the bucket in the well. The well is fake. The good fairy lives above ground in beautiful tall mushroom houses and the bad fairy lives underneath the roots of the mushrooms. The well in the story is fake to trick the good fairy into thinking it was real so whenever she would try to get water, the bad fairy would cast a spell with her wand on the bucket. I chose those wings for the good fairy because they looked so peaceful and beautiful while the other fairy's wings are all clipped and uneven and evil and overall ugly. The outfit on the good fairy is like an olive green and pink color and her wings are blue and pink because those are peaceful, happy colors. The bad fairy's wings are black and purple because those are evil colors. Her outfit is the same colors. The bad fairy has black, straggly hair while the good fairy has light brown, braided pigtails.

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