Sunday, January 12, 2014

Final Character/Environment Drawing

This is my final drawing of the character development project. This story is about 2 fairies. A good fairy and a bad fairy. Both the fairies are sisters and the good fairy lives above ground near the well in her mushroom house. The bad fairy lives underground underneath the roots of the mushrooms. The good fairy is at the well waiting for the bucket of water to come up. But, the good fairy doesnt know that there is no water and that the bad fairy is casting a spell on the bucket!


I developed these characters because I have always loved fairies and other mystical creatures similar to fairies. The fairies that I drew are sisters. One is the good, loving fairy and the other is the bad, hateful fairy. In my story they interact because the bad fairy casts a spell on the bucket in the well. The well is fake. The good fairy lives above ground in beautiful tall mushroom houses and the bad fairy lives underneath the roots of the mushrooms. The well in the story is fake to trick the good fairy into thinking it was real so whenever she would try to get water, the bad fairy would cast a spell with her wand on the bucket. I chose those wings for the good fairy because they looked so peaceful and beautiful while the other fairy's wings are all clipped and uneven and evil and overall ugly. The outfit on the good fairy is like an olive green and pink color and her wings are blue and pink because those are peaceful, happy colors. The bad fairy's wings are black and purple because those are evil colors. Her outfit is the same colors. The bad fairy has black, straggly hair while the good fairy has light brown, braided pigtails.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Animal Drawing

I chose to draw butterflies because I think it was a cool concept to draw them in a way that makes them seem like they're flying away. I put main focus on the larger butterfly by making it brighter than the others. I feel that the main focus should always be on the largest object in a picture because helps the viewer understand the importance of the piece. I was able to make the butterflies look more real by adding the lights and the darks to each butterfly. I also went over the black lines in them many times so the other colors didn't make it fade away by covering them. By completing this project, I learned how to show different values with colored pencils and I learned the importance of making the picture seem realistic. 

Figure Drawing

When drawing a person, proportions are very important because it helps make the person look real. If you draw a person with really long legs and really short arms, its gonna look weird. I showed mass and volume by creating folds in the sweater and making the legs and arms curved and not stick straight. By doing this project, I learned how to draw the details of a person instead of just the person. I used charcoal pencil because it helps with shading and getting those really dark values and other values too. With this project I had the most trouble with making her seem proportionate. I also had trouble with getting the hair to look okay. As you can see I went a little overboard with the amount of strands of hair.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Paper Bag Project

This is a drawing of a paer bag. This project was to teach us different values used with shading in the lights and the darks.

Oh the places we will go pen and ink project

I drew this picture of a gymnast on a balance beam. I did this in pen and ink and I did a watercolor wash in the backround.

Interesting Point Perspective

I drew this pcture of my cat for this project. I took a lot of different pictures of different perspectives and decided to go with this perspective. I used mostly pencil and I added a lttle bit of charcoal on top of the pencil to define the fur.